Simon Bastide

Human Movement Sciences

Expert Motion Analysis and Measurement Services

  • Product Designers & Engineers: Analyze ergonomics and performance factors of medical and sports equipment.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Optimize the monitoring and recommendations of e-health tools and rehabilitation programs.
  • Ergonomist and Occupational Health: Measure and improve the safety and comfort of tools and workstations to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Athletes and Coaches: Improve performance measurements, prevent injuries, and evaluate the effects of training.
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Data analysis

I perform in-depth analyses of human movement data to uncover insights and reveal underlying patterns. Utilizing my expertise in visualization and statistics, I make reports to inform data-driven decision-making. 


I write articles, tutorials, and reports on human movement, technology, and data-related topics. Drawing on my experience in academic research, I synthesize information and ideas from scientific articles, books, or online documentation to craft coherent and impactful stories that explore the intersection of human motion, data science, and technology.

Data Engineering

I design and implement data processing and manipulation pipelines tailored explicitly to human movement data. By leveraging the power of automation, I help save time and minimize human errors, ensuring efficient and reliable motion data analysis.


I create interactive dashboards focused on human movement data, providing powerful tools for data exploration and visualization. These dashboards allow you to easily monitor, analyze, and understand key metrics.


I provide guidance and advice before and during human movement data-related projects, assisting in identifying the best solutions for specific challenges. By leveraging my expertise in motion analysis and data science, I help to ensure optimal outcomes of your projects.


Data Science

I manage end-to-end human movement data science projects, from data collection to the production of reports, scientific papers, and decision advice. My motion analysis and data science expertise ensure a comprehensive approach to understanding and optimizing human movement, informed by cutting-edge techniques and insights.


I explain what are graph-oriented databases and how they can be used for source code analysis through code property graphs. With end-to-end tutorial you will be able to generates your own code properties graph and understand why these techniques are used by major tech companies.

I studied how people interact with exoskeletons in the scope of my Ph.D. thesis. We measured biomechanical parameters like muscle activation or movement kinematics and investigated how the exoskeleton and various control strategies affected these parameters. This journey allowed me to gain experience in signal processing, data analysis, data visualization, statistics, and written and verbal communication.

Even though software security should be a no-brainer, we still have a long road ahead of us.

Using a quick historical overview, I emphasize why software security is so crucial. In addition, I explain the DevSecOps approach, which I argue is the key to successfully incorporating security into software development.

Mastering Jupyter Notebooks: Best Practices for Data Science

In this article, I provide you with the best practices for using Jupyter Notebooks. You will learn how to stay focused, leverage markdown usage, maintain cell order execution discipline, efficiently manage kernel memory, and understand the importance of modular programming.

Introduction to electromyography (EMG) and basic principles

In this introductory article, I explore the biophysics behind electromyography (EMG), providing a foundation for understanding the principles of surface and intramuscular EMG techniques. I then discuss their advantages and limitations and I introduce the various analyses used to extract valuable information about human muscle function and neuromuscular activity. 

About me

My name is Simon. I’m a data scientist specializing in Sports Science and Human Movement. I’m interested in closely studying human motion and applying data-driven insights to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and optimize designs and interventions. With over five years of experience in the field, I deeply understand the complex interplay between human physiology, biomechanics, and technology.
My academic and professional experience has taught me to thoroughly analyze issues, assess their priority, and develop practical solutions. I also learned how to communicate with experts and non-experts, both written and spoken.
Principles such as simplicity, humility, pragmatism, tolerance, and curiosity are essential to me.
I like to be efficient and get the most out of my work sessions. I admire philosophers and scholars as much as entrepreneurs. I enjoy meeting strangers, playing sports, eating oysters, and drinking beer in the sun with family and friends.